[和+α] を 一つ一つ手つくりすることろから,2002年にスタートしました

[着物でも服でも使えるもの] に [和+α の 融合] を目指しています

ブランド名 [Karokaro] は、フィジー語で[星]という意味


HIROMI KUROKI (Karokaro Director / Designer)

東京造形大学デザイン課 卒
株式会社チチカカ 衣料雑貨デザイナー (1998-2011)
現在 インド New Delhi 在住 Free Designer,Inspector

History of brand inauguration:

Karokaro has started since 2002.
At first,i started to make a goods by my hand,
now some products are made by Japanese
and Indian artisanat at small unit.

Products concept:

my product’ s main material is Japanese old KIMONO
and kind of Antique fabric.
I also combine a material of other countries.
I ‘m always enjoying the accidental beauty
by the mix of various materials. it’ s very interesting.
I’ m designing the original accessories parts
when i need new style of material.

I ‘m trying to make a goods wich can use for KIMONO and other fashion.
Mix a Japanese spice for the Fasion...It’ s my favorit style.
when I make a accessories and any products for KIMONO,
I will use it for other fasion too.
I hope that you can enjoy my products for any kind of fasion.

The origin of a brand name:

“KAROKARO” is a word of Fiji island,means “Shining Star” .
We can see the star all of the world and it has a common meaning.
Star must be navigate and remind us the origin when we lost a way.
this is very important meaning for me when i make a products.
I hope that you choose your best KAROKARO in my products.

From Delhi India...

Hiromi Kuroki (karokaro Designer and director.)